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If you’re looking for a tarot website, which offers free tarot readings, then continue reading to discover whether or not it’s worth visiting DarkTarot for a tarot reading.

Types of Readings

DarkTarot offers two types of tarot readings: gypsy tarot readings and tarot readings by the Decans, both of which are computer generated and free of charge. Better yet, as DarkTarot doesn’t offer any paid services, you can be sure that it’s owners who regularly interact with users on the DarkTarot Facebook page, are genuine about helping those who are in need of guidance.

1. Tarot by the Decans

The term Decans refers to a group of 36 ancient Egyptian gods. One of the unique features of opting for a tarot reading by the Decans, is that their tarot readings combine the use of tarot cards with information from an individual’s astrological birth chart.

If you choose a tarot reading conducted by the Decans, you’ll enter your first name, date of birth, time of birth and city of birth as well as a question and you’ll be presented with a four card spread, which will give you an in-depth answer to your question. As a bonus, each card offers a multi paragraph explanation and some cards even contain lucky dates or periods which can help you take advantage of future opportunities.

2. Gypsy Tarot

If you choose a gypsy tarot card reading, you’ll enter your first name, date of birth and a question which is on your mind and you’ll be presented with a three card spread which reveal the answer to your burning question.


Whether you choose a tarot card reading by the Decans or a Gypsy tarot card reading, you results will be eerily accurate as they’ll be personalized by your personal information such as your numerology numbers.

When I conducted a test reading and asked whether the love I felt was mutual and reciprocated by my romantic interest one of my cards, hit the nail on the head and revealed the exact answer to my question, revealing “if you’re wondering if your sweetheart truly loves you the answer is yes”. Normally computer generated readings aren’t specific, when it comes to the information they reveal.
Better yet, the information revealed by each card complimented the others, as with other websites often the information on each card would contradict the information revealed by the other cards in my spread. Lastly, once card revealed that I’d experience a lucky phase between two dates, which happen to be when I’ve planed to visit my romantic interest, who lives out of town. Coincidence, I think not!

User Friendliness

Whilst, the site itself is a little basic in design, it’s a breeze to navigate. Just remember, that your computer will need to be able to play flash animations as both the gypsy tarot reading and the Decan tarot reading contain animations and sounds. However, I didn’t experience trouble with loading either tarot reading.

Whilst DarkTarot isn’t as well known as some of it’s widely-used competitors, such as Llewellyn or Keen, it does boast it’s own Facebook page. Better yet, I noticed that the owners of DarkTarot, responded to each and every comment left on their wall.

You can get in touch with DarkTarot’s creators at or you can follow them on facebook.

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Final Thoughts

Most free tarot readings which I've come across are generic, or offer little information and instead try to up-sell a paid tarot reading. If you're looking for a tarot reading which is 100% free and will provide you with accurate information, you can't go wrong by visiting DarkTarot.

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