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DiviTarot is a popular divination website founded by Denise Lappirre. The website is available in English, Spanish, and French. Despite being hosted in Montreal, Canada, the website is most popular in France, more so in cities such as Marseille. This reviews lays a strong emphasis on the English website.

Features of Divitarot

There are various features provided by DiviTarot. To start with, the website offers various psychic services that give its clients exceptional variety. These services mainly involve free tarot readings and overcoming compromising situations. Generally, it is an automatic tarot play that is mainly used for entertainment purposes.

Its members of staff are well versed with the various dynamics shaping the psychic landscape. They help clients go through various topics such as divorce, dream interpretation, spell, how to get your partner back after breaking up, and nonjudgmental enlightening secrets. Moreover, there are psychics in the company who have developed a niche and are an authority in their field. For example, Insight is a medical social certified expert dealing with kids, pet, romantic life, and pregnancy.

The website has also used a well researched system of methods in coming up with solutions facing the human beings. The general approach is used to assess incompatibility with other people, how to handle irreparable relationships, and how to handle compromise. Peculiarities is a methodology that is used to assess how to follow a difficult path, how to reach an agreement or reconciliation with individualistic people in preparation for a certain deal, and how to seek mutual understanding with a younger man. Specific aspects is a psychic methodology that is used to help clients to overcoming fears and phobias such as trauma and heights, adaptation to upheavals that are constantly gravitating around you, achieving optimal happiness, and going beyond your dreams. Synthesis helps clients to fight a negative impulse that proves extremely difficult to overcome, exploitation of extraordinary pleasure from friendships, and ways of navigating through an indispensable trial for a better future.

Obstacles of the Website

The main challenge facing the use of the website it’s content and useability, unlike Kasamba or TrustedTarot, which each have praiseworthy user interfaces. The website can be given credit for coming up with a well defined methodology in addressing the various psychic issues. This gives the clients confidence that there is a reasonable accuracy expected.

However, the content of the website is generally wanting. There is scanty information given by the website about its owner, Denise Lappierre. For instance, what are his credentials concerning the psychic industry? What is his experience? What are the areas that he is more competent regarding psychic issues? What motivated him to start the website? The client is left struggling to answer such questions regarding the website and has to look for outside sources of information.

Furthermore, website analysts have pointed out that the website is not user-friendly. In addition, it lacks the basic tenets of a highly functioning website. One of the greatest concerns is that the website is not socially optimized and therefore it does not fully exploit the social media opportunities.


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Final Thoughts

It is paramount that clients carried out a thorough market research concerning the psychic providers. Through this, they will be able to make a sound and informed decision. In addition, they will avoid costly and time-wasting mistakes. Overall, clients should be be careful when carrying out a business engagement with the company. For example, one should contact the customer service first in order to confirm if indeed a certain psychic service is being provided and assess the fulfillment of the client's expectations.

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