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Facade.com is a established tarot and divination website that has been providing free online tarot readings since 1993. Now this longevity most certainly is well founded, as they have taken a great approach about how to organise a divination website. Their main strength lies in their focus on the divination resources and being informative to the user about how to interpret them as opposed to focusing on mediums which can become blockages between the querent and the divination tools, especially when they operate over the Internet as opposed to in person. I personally enjoy this site and would recommend it as the best online divination I have come across, especially if you are willing to do a bit of reading on the results.

Facade has a lot of different divination traditions and techniques. There are prominent and ancient forms like Norse Runes, Tarot, Numerology, The Chinese I Ching and Stichomancy. What’s more if you do not take this stuff seriously or simply want to have a bit of magic 8 ball fun you can use the novelty items like the Yes/No generator and the Celebrity resource.

For Tarot in particular, which is the most prominent form of divination among Westerners nowadays, there are a great many of important options. Firstly there are many spreads including the popular Celtic Cross, One Card Meditation and Hagal. A reading involves a short explanation of the spread followed by a in-depth information about the symbolism of each card. The important selling point is the diversity of the decks. You are often promoted to buy the decks throughout the website, and for good reason as there are some brilliant ones. Common ones like the Rider Waite are available along with more novel ones like the Cat People deck, or the more intense William Blake and New Orleans Voodoo. I did notice there was no sign of the infamous Thoth Deck by Aleister Crowley. They also offer the ability to select Reversals or Signifiers which I found to be a subtle but wonderful touch as experienced tarot practitioners would know that card reversals can have a huge bearing on the subsequent reading.

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The entire readings section is free which is a fantastic attribute and they seem to bypass the need for personal psychic by providing you with the computer generated information and hoping that you flex your curiosity muscles in order to explore what a reading may be saying to you. This lack of psychics I found to be a great strength as Facade gives you the information of the meaning of the cards and leaves the interpretation up to you, where as other sites like DarkTarot and Lotus Tarot I found vague, due to their lack of source information and so leant on the selling point of having the opportunity to communicate with a psychic or simply a formulaic interpretation of the cards.

Most of the money Facade makes is from the store, as you are promoted often around the site and here they link you to Amazon in which the selling point is that for every product you buy you contribute toward their ability to maintain the free nature of the site, on top of the high quality products you are getting. They sell the many beautiful decks in this store and also a lot of literature on how to practice divination with grace and respect to the traditions.

The site I find to be extremely user friendly and I can only compliment it on its efficiency and how it doesn’t ever try to patronize you with mystic ramblings and voice overs. It is straightforward and informative allowing the level of intimacy to be created by you mind, which is essential to unlocking the potential of the tarot.

They have no personal psychics on the site, as the selling point is the resources not the psychics utilizing them, but they seems to have only bolstered their reputation with this tactic as typing in Tarot into google renders them as the second site that turns up. (Second only to Tarot.com)

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Final Thoughts

Incredibly quality orientated and very indifferent to the size of your wallet, their main goal is simply to provide visitors with a place to use these wonderful introspective resources, and it is this trait which they gain my upmost respect and my highest recommendation compared to their competitors.

Overall Score 3.8