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How Tarot Works

Tarot is one of the most enduring and amazing artifacts of the Renaissance period. The tarot cards were once used only as playing decks. During mid 18’th century, some people began associating them with mysticism and magic. It was then that tarot readings were used for divination. Today there are so many theories on how tarot can be so effective. Let’s have a close look at two of the main theories on how does tarot work in this article.

The first of these theories on how tarot works is synchronicity. It’s believed that universe will ultimately guide us in right direction through coincidence. Basically these are the signs that say “you should try this” or “hay you, do this”. Tarot and synchronicity can be easily explained by the use of quantum mechanics. Without going into intricate details, it’s safe to say that there are some forces in quantum mechanics that do have very real effect on all physical objects. It’s believed that these are the energies that influence the cards in tarot reading. It’s definitely not a fraud!

The next and most important theory of tarot is projection. Many believe that we usually project some of our thoughts and believes onto tarot reading and get the outcome we expect. In other words, you’ll find all that you seek. If this particular theory is true, then tarot can definitely become a highly useful tool. This means, that tarot can help you connect to your true emotions, desires and feelings that you harbor somewhere in your subconscious mind.

Basic Tarot Reading

In order to perform basic tarot reading there’s no need for a psychic, but some believe that a psychic is better mainly due to the energy they provide. So what’s the basic idea behind tarot reading? Well, it’s simple. The cards in the deck are shuffled, and laid out in spread, and the expert reader will then interpret what these cards are saying. There are 78 cards in a deck of Tarot, each with a specific meaning relating to life.

The art of divination through the use of Tarot is known as Taromancy. Contrary to common public opinion, Tarot cards don’t predict any future event or fortune. They just measure the potential outcomes and many also examine influences surrounding a particular person.

The Tarot Spread

It’s the term used to describe the arrangement of cards used in a reading. First, these cards are shuffled by a person seeking guidance then the reader lays each one of them out in a pattern. Now each position in the spread holds some meaning.

There are numerous types of spread-Celtic Cross, Five Card and Mirror are some of the most commonly used. Now the type of spread used in a reading will depend on the question asked and is sometimes up to the reader.

Type of Readings

Question Reading

It’s a tarot reading done to address a specific question. Although, it’s not used to answer any “yes” or “no” question, it can definitely guide you on making the best decision yourself. That’s why, the way the question is stated is important.

  • Focus on yourself If the tarot reading is for yourself, it’s important that you make the questions about yourself and not about others around you. For example, asking if your partner is cheating on you is focusing on him. Always try to bring the focus back to you!
  • Be positive Always state your question in a positive manner. So instead of asking why you haven’t got promotion, ask what you can now do to make it happen. This way, the tarot cards can give you better guidance.
  • Stay open If you already have answers to your questions, you are not letting cards do their job. The best way to go is to keep your options open and avoid narrowing down the scope of your true question. Be open and neutral to others points of view.

Open Reading

These readings are used to address larger aspects of any person’s life rather than any specific issue. It gives due guidance to all those who’re entering new phase of life, such as motherhood, getting married, or graduating for college.

Popular Tarot Cards

The Hanged Man, The Devil, Death and The Fool Are Some of the Most Widely Known and Tarot Cards

The Hanged Man, The Devil, Death and The Fool Tarot Cards are among the most widely known tarot cards| Image source: Wikipedia

Most tarot decks have just two types of cards-Minor & Major Arcana. Minor cards are similar to the cards you use as playing cards divided into 4 suites. Major Arcana are stand alone cards that hold a particular meaning for a person.

Hanged Man
This card shows a man hanging upside down from a tree. It shows that you’re torn between two options-in or out, up or down, yes or no. there’s something you need to let go of.
The Devil
This card shows Satyr, a unique half man half-goat creature. If this card appears in any love question, it means that relationship is close to end. Magic of love is gone and both parties feel trapped.
This card shows death itself riding on a white horse. Instead of physical death, it denotes transformation. Death reminds you to be more receptive of change and move on.
The Fool
This card shows man looking towards the sky about to step off a cliff. It’s a positive card that reminds you that now it is important for you to take your time and see where you are going. It also indicates a new beginning.

Surprisingly tarot reading can be highly accurate. We suggest people give it a try and experiment with tarot cards. We feel you may be surprised at the answers you come up with, along with the problems solved!

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