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Whilst the name Kasamba may not ring any bells, Kasamba.com isn’t as new a site as you may think. Kasamba, is owned by Live Person and is the re-branded version of the popular website, Live Person Psychics.

If you’re curious about what your cards have in store and want to gain a glimpse into your future, you may be interested in connecting with a live psychic over an online or phone based tarot reading. If you’re in the process of investigating tarot sites, in order to avoid frauds and charlatans and find a reader whom you can trust, continue reading.

Types of Readings

Kasamba specializes in offering one-on-one, online and phone based tarot readings. The site boasts over 1,600 freelance tarot readers. Whilst Kasamba doesn’t offer free computer generated readings, as some sites do, such as LosArcanos or AngelMessenger, the first three minutes of every reading are free of charge. So if you don’t connect with a particular tarot reader, you’ll be able to cancel your session and connect with a second tarot reader.

Unfortunately, you’re not able to search for tarot readers by the types of decks they use. However, by clicking on the profile of a tarot reader that you’re interested in, you’ll be able to send them a quick message asking for information about the decks which they offer.

Kasamba.com is a breeze to navigate. Simply click on “tarot readings” in the navigation bar and you’ll be able to browse Kasamba’s extensive database of tarot readers. Better yet, you’ll be able to narrow down your search results by price and user ratings. If you’re worried about Kasamba’s lagging and interrupting your tarot reading, don’t fret as Kasamba doesn’t have any connection issues.


One of the advantages of visiting Kasamba is that you’ll be able to find a tarot reader in your price range as the price per minute which you’ll be charged can range from $1.99 per minute to $18.61, depending on which tarot reader you choose to connect with. Generally, the more popular a tarot reader is, the higher their price per minute will be. However, there are countless high star rated tarot readers who charge less than $10 per minute. Better yet, unlike some of it’s competitors, Kasamba doesn’t try to up-sell additional products or services to it’s clients.


If you’re going to spend your hard earned money on a reading, it’s crucial to choose a tarot reader who is both knowledgeable and accurate. Whilst browsing Kasamba’s database of tarot readers, you’ll be able to see each tarot reader’s rating which can range from one to five stars, depending on how they’ve been rated by their previous clients. You’ll also be able to read reviews which have been left from satisfied or dissatisfied clients. Many of Kasamba’s tarot readers have regular repeat clients which is a promising sign.

Kasamba, is an extremely popular website and has received over three million, five star reviews. So if you’re looking for a tarot website, which employs skilled tarot readers, who consistently impress clients, you can’t go wrong choosing Kasamba.

If you’re not satisfied by the reading you’ve paid for, you can visit Kasamba’s online support center where you can file a request for a refund or get in touch with a customer service representative.

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Final Thoughts

There's a reason why Kasamba has received over three million five star reviews, Kasamba is a breeze to navigate and boasts excellent customer support as well as a database of talented tarot readers, who individuals can trust. Kasamba also has a presence on Facebook and Twitter. So if there's a problem weighing on your mind, or you're looking for answers it's seriously worth giving Kasamba.com a try.

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