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Lotus Tarot has served up over 60 million free Tarot card readings for users and continues to offer great Tarot card readings and other divination services to users out there interested in Tarot and more. The site has been operating since 2002 and continues to offer great services to customers new and old!

Lotus’s free tarot reading page makes getting a personalized Tarot card reading easy! It offers users the opportunity to get a variety of tarot readings. You can get free computer generated readings or paid live online reading. The online readings include the Universal 6 Card Spread, Wisdom From Mistakes, and Your Tarot Rhythm. The decks use vary, either being copyrighted Lotus Tarot decks or using the Mythic Tarot by Juliet Sharman-Burke and Liz Greene or the Rider Waite Deck, artistically created by Patricia Coleman Smith.

There are a variety of free and paid services available at Lotus Tarot. The most popular service used is the Universal Six Card Spread, where users can digitally select six cards personally. The site recommends that you keep a certain thought or question in mind to help focus the answers and information that the cards are giving you.

Lotus Tarot Live Psychics

The price of a live tarot reading depends on the skill of the psychic

You can get phone or chat with a variety of individuals with psychic abilities. Calling costs starts at $1.99 a minute but they do have deals where you receive your first three minutes free and half off of your entire session up to fifty dollars if you are a first time customer. These ladies have a variety of skills, from empaths to Angelic messages to being psychics, astrologers, spiritual guides, energy healers, and more. They will talk or chat to you one or one online.

The value is not the best for what you’re paying– or should I say that no matter if you received the clearest visions or the best messages from the valued person at the other end of the phone line, you would still be paying nearly six dollars a minute for that service. You can also receive an in depth numerology report from the site’s Master Numerologist Hans Decoz with a variety of paid packages to choose from, from Lucky Numbers to Complete Personal Package.

Other free services include getting a Numerology Reading. Just put in your name and your date of birth and you can receive your Life Path Number and more information about your number, personality, gifts and challenges to come for you. You can also take a free three minute Tarot quiz to test your knowledge of the cards or learn more by taking The Pleasure of Tarot online course and learn all about the decks for free!

The accuracy of the readings that you can find on Lotus Tarot is truly astounding. I took both the six card spread and the Numerology reading and it was incredible how relevant it was not just to me, but to met in this very moment. Everything was so accurate that I got a little spooked, from the first card all the way down to the sixth. Same for the Numerology. I was expecting something vaguely relatable, but both of these readings absolutely blew it out of the park when it comes to accuracy. The psychics were very experienced as well, and after two minutes with Rachael I already felt satisfied with the reading I have been given.

Lotus Tarot is very user friendly— even someone who doesn’t know anything about Tarot can easily understand the purpose and workings of this site. It’s also very easy to navigate and easy to select your cards. Their psychics also seem to know what they are doing and occupy different niches, while other so-called psychic sites just have a variety of really good actors. Lotus Tarot wants to make sure their users get quality service and have a comprehensive FAQ page as well as the ability to message a manager or even the live readers with any concerns or questions. You can also follow or connect with the site on Facebook.

Users have had great success with this site and so have I! Normally I would be worried about fraud when it comes to cards and divination, but the decks are definitely stacked in Lotus’ favor.

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Final Thoughts

Most of the services offered through LotusTarot are free and the only upsell is when it comes to the other more premium services offered. These tarot readings are spot on and the quality of divination that you get with these online decks is fantastic. LotusTarot is highly recommended! Check out Lotus Tarot

Overall Score 3.9