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The Fundamentals of Palm Reading

Palm Reading (or palmistry) assists in the revelation of a person’s identity and character traits through the study of the shape, size and the lines of the hands and fingers.

Palm Reading Main Lines

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Palmistry has two divisions: Chiromancy which merely deals with the lines of the palms and Chirognomy, which deals with the shape, color and the texture of the thumb, fingers and the palm.

All the palm readers follow the same basics in terms of what each hand represent. For the right handed individuals, the left hand lines and shapes points at the person’s character traits, destiny and the personality. The right hand on the other side explains the direction the person’s life has taken. For the left handed individuals the palm readers use the opposite. The principles vary from place to place depending on the training the palm reader is given and the country of origin. Here is how it works;

The General Lines

The palm has three major lines: The line of life, the heart line and the head line. The life line is the line on the palm that people are very conscious about. The line begins between the thumb and the index finger and continues towards the bottom of the thumb and the connection to the wrist. Some people have a misconception that the line may reveal when you will die. It reveals all the encounters in your life, your relationship with other people, health, physical and your emotional well being.

Funny Palm Reading Lines

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The heart line shows the persons emotional state and the physical and emotional relationships with other people. Additionally, some palm readers also use it to identify the person’s health status of the heart.

The head line is also the wisdom line and considered the most important in the Chinese palmistry. It assists in the revelation of the person’s psychological makeup, intuitive abilities and the intellectual development. The line begins slightly above the life line, that’s between the thumb and the index finger and continues through the palm to the end of the other side of the palm. For some people the head line will begin from the line. In case the head line begins on the heart line; it will mean that you have a strong will or mind over matter. Sometimes forked lines are the lawyer’s line or the writer’s lines.

The palm readers may use the minor lines as secondary lines or minor lines. These lines may reveal individuals talents, strengths and all weaknesses. The information portrayed by the lines may differ depending on the shape of the hand, marks, mounts, other lines nearby.

The minor lines are always faint and may not be apparent. Their presence in the palm gives the palm reader more insight into the subject. The most common minor lines are fate line, bracelet, Apollo, health lines, relationship lines, intuition line and the girdle of Venus.

The Mounts

In palmistry, the mounts on the palm are essential. Palm readers relate them to the influence of the planets which also contribute some information about our emotional and the physical makeup. Every persons palm has seven mounts. The mounts are equivalent to the sun, moon, mars, and mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. A relationship also exists on major and minor lines especially where the mounts cross with the lines.


All the markings are either positive or negative blockages or interruption in the normal flow of palm lines, fingers and the mounts. The markings may indicate some warnings of difficulties, traumatic, separation and health problems. Though the markings indicate negative situations, some of them may indicate problem resolution, a period of recovery and even a period of emotional healing.

The palm reader interprets the markings depending on their location on the palm since every part of your palm will represent a different part in your life. In addition, the markings can enhance or at times diminish the energies in your life. The marks are breaks, crosses, chains, grilles, dots, squares, islands, stars, transverse lines, tassels, triangles, tridents, and vertical lines, downward and upward lines.

Finger Shapes

Fingers are also important in palmistry to determine a person’s fate. Each finger reveals a different part of the person’s character, spirituality, emotional state and the health. The fingers also give insight to the person’s knowledge, ambition, intellect, balance, creativity and the communication with the others. Palmists also use them to reveal the persons destiny with the use of the shape, width, length, flexibility, placement, markings, the nail shape and whether there are half moons on the nails.

Also each finger has three divisions known as phalanges and horizontal and vertical lines. Palmists use the horizontal lines to reveal the persons difficulties and obstacles while the vertical lines represent the health issues. Additionally the lines may indicate your suffering, which may result from some lack of sleep. The lines in every finger may at times cross each other representing the obstacles that you have overcome all through.

The Thumb

The thumb remains essential in assessing person’s character traits. Most palmists believe that the thumb is important in revealing a persons temperament and personality. The thumb has only two phalanges compared to the other fingers which have three phalanges each. Moreover, some palmists believe that the thumb has three phalanges as they take the mount of Venus which resides at the base of the thumb to be the third phalange.

A serious palmist will always start by examining both hands. The left hand is always the subject while the left hand is the birth hand. The palmist refers to the left hand as the birth hand to indicate that it carries inherited aspects. The left hand carries the person’s potential and flexibility. For the left handed people the opposite is true.

For thousands of years many people around the world have relied on palmistry to predict the future and determine what will become of them. This in turn assist them in the improvement of their life aspects mostly business, career, family, relationship, fame, success and their love life. The fact the palmistry is a branch of science those who express disregard to fortune telling may now start adopting it. Unlike tarot readings, palm readings are constant; just as your fingerprints, your palm features tend to remain the same.

Watch this video for an in-depth explanation of each palm line.