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Finding the right psychic can be challenging, especially with a seemingly endless sea of options to choose from. Psychic Source however, makes the process of finding a psychic who you feel comfortable with easy by quickly matching you with someone who will provide reliable and accurate answers every time. Psychic Source also offers excellent customer support through a team of highly trained customer care representatives to ensure an insightful and fun experience for each customer.

Readings Offered

Psychic Source has been a trusted and respected name among psychics and customers alike since 1989. They pride themselves on providing professional and reliable psychic services by phone and virtual media outlets. They have a super user-friendly website that quickly allows you to navigate the many different services Psychic Source offers. Services include structured readings such as tarot card readings, dream interpretation, and numerology readings, while also providing unstructured readings by psychic mediums who can answer specific questions you may have by using their clairvoyant abilities. Psychic Source only offers readings conducted by real psychics, without offering any computer generated advice.

Card Readings

Psychic Source has an especially impressive reputation in regards to their tarot card reading services. Tarot readings are given from a 78 card deck, containing the major and minor arcana suits. The major arcana are cards which represent major events and patterns in your life, while minor arcana cards represent the different stages one has experienced, or willexperience, throughout life. A Psychic Source adviser will choose the best spread for your specific question(s) in order to provide accurate and detailed guidance. Psychic Source tarot readings are well-known for their speed and accuracy.

The website also offers angel card readings as a way of connecting with your angelic and spiritual guides who are always around you. If interested in an angel card reading, you can find a psychic who specializes in this very inspiring and amazingly accurate psychic experience.

Costs and Value

You can choose from a wide variety of intuitive guides who charge an average of $2.00 per minute, both for phone and online chat readings. The Psychic Source website allows you to quickly narrow down your choices by selecting what type of reading you want, and by showing you how much each psychic is currently charging for their services.

The price point is competitive when compared to other similar sites, but does not offer free tarot readings, such as those offered by Lotus Tarot and Free Tarot. However, Psychic Source does offer free horoscopes, along with sending members an offer for a free e-mail reading as a token of appreciation for their customers.

Psychic Source Cares

The online community of intuitive guides provided by Psychic Source is an excellent option for those seeking a valuable and accurate psychic adviser. With over 25 years of experience this company has managed to become one of the most trusted and respected sources of psychic services. They require a strict and rigorous screening process for all psychic mediums who are hired to work for Psychic Source in order to maintain quality and accuracy at all times.

User Friendliness/Interface
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Final Thoughts

I would highly recommend using this service to friends and family. They can also be found on many social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Google +, and even Instagram. My only complaint would be that they do not provide enough free services to stay competitive with other companies.

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