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The Top 10 Most Troubling Yes or No Questions Tarot Can Answer

Tarot can offer answers to those crucial questions that require yes or no answers. There is no need to make rash or spontaneous decisions in your life that could have lasting negative consequences.

Remember, the cards will only answer those questions close to your heart, nobody else’s. No matter how unusual your questions might be, Tarot cards can offer solutions and guidance so you can live a fulfilled life.

1. Does he/she love me?

This is a question that often is asked from a position of insecurity. Do you love yourself? Do you feel your worth being loved? The knight of wands represents trusting your own intuition and believing in yourself.

2. Should I take the job?

When we decide to change employers it can be part of our overall growth or to escape a bad situation. We also take on risk whenever we change jobs. A new job is always a step into the unknown. The ace of swords is a card of strength and boldness.

3. Should I have a baby?

Bringing a new soul into the world is fraught with all kinds of uncertainties. Are you ready for the responsibility? Are you financially stable? Are you sure your partner is your soul mate? The star card represents new blessings and a period of hope.

4. Should I buy this house?

For most, purchasing their first home is one of the biggest financial commitments they have ever had to take. It could also be a new step or unknown territory in a relationship. The six of wands represents an ambition that has been fulfilled.

5. Should I take the class?

Choosing our life’s purpose and direction is difficult. The problem is we change as we grow and what we think we want to do now might not be what we want to be doing in the future. The three of pentacles represents a new career path and a new direction in our lives.

6. Should I leave him/her?

In most cases, if you have to ask this question then you already know the answer. However, ending a relationship also thrusts us into the unknown. Will we find another love? Will this new lover fulfill us more than the old one? The queen of pentacles represents taking care of and loving yourself.

7. Should I start this business?

The emotions that surround you when you begin a new enterprise are usually ones of fear and uncertainty. Most businesses fail. Will yours be a success? Is this business congruent with who you are? The world card represents success, fulfillment, and a realization of your dreams.

8. Should I buy these shoes?

You would hope that buying a new set of heels is not high on your life’s most uncertain questions list but let’s face it, it is! However unusual, deciding to make material purchases can be difficult. Is it worth it? Does this represent who you are? The queen of cups is nurturing and can represent the need to pamper yourself sometimes.

9. Should I make this investment?

Investing is an action that is always fraught with uncertainty. After all, when we invest we are attempting to secure our future independence. The wheel of fortune card represents winning the game of life and success in your endeavors.

10. Should I marry him/her?

The decision to say I do or I don’t is one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make. How can anyone truly know if they are with the one? What happens if your needs and desires change? The two of cups represents harmony, togetherness, and a bond forged by love.

If you need an answer to your own ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions, make sure you get a free tarot reading.