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TrustedTarot is a free online tarot reading platform that is used to decipher meaning about core principles that are related to human life. These include the issues of life and death, spirituality, ethical dilemmas, and interaction with others. The main objectives of the website are to impart the right judgement on readers as well as unmasking of fraud. Typically, this involves establishing a spiritual connection and consequently insightful interpretation of the meaning of the cards. One of the most pronounced aspects of the website is its accuracy in card reading. Along with DiviTarot, Trusted Tarot is also available in English, Spanish, and French.

Features of Trusted Tarot

There are numerous unique features offered by TrustedTarot. First, the website offers a number of services that a client can choose from. These include Horoscopes date which is frequently updated with daily horoscopes and astrology including the true meaning of various signs such as Zodiac.

Second, the website has real tarot cards that are shuffled by hand. What this means is that the website does not use computers in order to randomly generate the cards you select from. By implication, the cards you select from are the same exact order as they were infront of the other person. This feature makes the website more authentic. Moreover, one can easily detect any problems arising from the use of the cards.

Third, the company boasts of a wide variety of diagnostic tools in its trade. Each particular field has its tools of trade. The psychic industry is no exception. Divinitory tools used by the Trusted Tarot psychic reading and divination include the following: reading your palm, reading tea leaves, looking into crystal balls, cartomancy, spiritual guides, spiritual animals, and runes.

Fourth, the company offers a free service. This gives the clients a free opportunity to read and experience its services. Many clients wonder how the company is able to provide a free service, and if the free service leads to a compromise of quality. Part of the reason is that the company is lucky enough to benefit from a generous group of patrons. In addition, the company owner believes in the law of karma- the more positive energy you give to the world, the more positive energy you receive. Nevertheless, the company has given room for optional donations which are purely optional and should be given if one finds that the readings were consequential and beneficial.

Lastly, one learns how to gain an optimal tarot reading experience. For example, one can be concise and use the YES or NO tarot. Other clients prefer using more assertive and specific psychic terminology. Such terminology include Show Me, Inform Me, etc. The important of using such a language is that one will be in a position to decipher the complexity of life. All one needs to do is to start a private chat. make a phone call, or email. Experts in the psychic industry recommend that a deck of 78 cards can help you achieve happiness.

Challenges Facing Trusted Tarot

Trusted Tarot faces three main challenges. First, the structure of the website shows the contribution to the functioning of the website is dominated by one person, unlike FreeTarot. The use of the first person voice in the website content alienates the reader. In this regard, it seams that the website is not a product of a team of professionals. By implication, Trusted Tarot lacks diversity of ideas and appreciation that comes as a result of team work.
Second, the services provided by the company are still narrow. There is a comprehensive list of services that a psychic company can provide. It would have been better if Trusted Tarot showed aggressiveness in expanding its scope as well as diversifying its products and services.

Lastly, the website ought to embark on a more aggressive marketing strategy and adopt team work as part of the company’s policy. It is true that it uses the social media avenues such as Facebook. But that is far from enough. Similarly, working in teams encourages diversity and sharing of ideas.

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Final Thoughts

The greatest strength of Trusted Tarot is that it gives a free service without compromising on quality. In addition to that, it contains a comprehensive analysis of the meanings of the tarot cards. However, the fact that it seems to lack an organized and hierarchical company structure is its major undoing. Overall, Trusted Tarot is a reliable tarot card reading resource.

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