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Yes or No? How Tarot Can Answer Some of Life’s Most Troublesome Questions

Isn’t it unusual that some of the hardest questions we face in our lives require simple yes or no answers? It is these yes or no questions that wrack our brains to the point of spontaneous combustion. You would be surprised to know that within the mysteries of the Tarot are the incredible powers needed to find the solutions to these conundrums.

In this article, we will look at how we can find yes or no answers through Tarot cards, so there’s no need to go looking for a coin to flip. Allow the mysteries of the Tarot cards to guide you on your life’s journey.

How the Tarot Deck Answers yes or no Questions

The Tarot represents a method of divination. You are at a fork in the road. The path you choose will greatly affect your life in the future. The future, however, is in a constant state of motion. We can change the future with the decisions we make today. That is why it’s so difficult to find the answers to these yes or no questions. The implications of the answers are huge.

The most common method of obtaining a yes or no answer from the Tarot is through a simple one card reading. You simply shuffle and draw one card. The way you read that card depends on what type of emotion that card evokes from you.

The sun card may represent a new beginning or the beginning of something good following a difficult period. The day follows the night, the sun rises and takes away the darkness. The sun card evokes a positive feeling or a YES. If the card evokes negative emotions, then the answer is no.

Of course, each card may evoke a different emotion in each person. It can all depend on who is doing the reading. That is the magic of the Tarot. After all, can’t it be said that we already have the solutions to all our problems? Hidden deep within our psyche are the answers. When we meditate on the question the cards can evoke different emotions. Maybe the Tarot is just revealing that which we already know.

Tips When Preparing Questions for Your Next Tarot Reading

Whether you’re seeing a professional Tarot reader or attempting to do a reading for yourself there are some important factors to consider to get the most out of your reading:

  •  Make sure the answer to the question is going to elicit a positive action in your life. That mean’s you should only ask questions that are going to help you, not hinder you.
  •  Ask questions that have many possible solutions to get the best guidance and advice.
  •  Only seek the Tarot to answer questions that involve you personally, a Tarot reading will not work as well for questions that solely affect someone else.

To get you started, here are the top ten questions that you could ask your Tarot reader or an online Tarot service.